Who we are

Who we are

Who we are

Who we are

The word elimu means ‘education’ in Swahili, the national language of Kenya. As such, Elimu Fund translates to ‘Education Fund’ in English.

Elimu Fund is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization based in Houston, Texas, founded in 2019 with a goal of providing Kenyan teenagers with access to digital learning.

Elimu Fund is an initiative of Jembe Fund. Jembe Fund renamed and rebranded itself to Elimu Fund to focus on connecting American teens with Kenyan teens, transitioning from an agricultural focus to an education-centered effort.

A student-led NGO based on the motto “teens helping teens,” Elimu Fund was founded by Mutua Kasinga, a 16-year old American teenager who has roots in Kenya. He wanted to establish a Teen-to-Teen initiative that bridges the technology divide so as to ensure that teens in Kenya are not be left behind academically.

The idea behind Elimu Fund began with a simple Junior High School assignment in which the then 14-year old Mutua was required to research and write a report on poverty and hunger.

For the assignment, Mutua volunteered at a local food bank to get a firsthand look at the issue for himself. He made a presentation of the report to the School Board staff. Impressed by his efforts, they recommended that he find out what else he could do to help.

Mutua soon realized that the money that he and his friends usually spend on clothes and electronics could have an amazing, huge impact on their age mates in Kenya.

Mutua decided to focus his efforts on Kenya, where just a couple of hundred of dollars could transform a teenager’s life in a very real way i.e. by providing them with access to laptops, tablets, smartphones, the Internet, an online curriculum, and tutor resources.

Mutua also realized that there were lots of charities out there, but none that really focused on teens like him and how teens could contribute their resources towards an important cause.

This has changed through the establishment of Elimu Fund, the first ever organization focused on helping American teenagers help their fellow teenagers in Kenya to reach their education goals.

Mutua’s dream is to see a world where every teenager in Kenya has equal access to online learning. He wants to help teens like him to understand how little it takes to completely transform the lives of fellow teens in Kenya.

Using Elimu Fund as the vehicle, Mutua seeks to galvanize the support of America teenagers (and other well wishers) towards donating funds, digital technologies, and other resources to Kenyan high schoolers so that they can realize their educational goals, thereby allowing them to realize a financially secure future for themselves.

We need your support to enable Elimu Fund to provide laptops, tablets, smartphones, data access and online learning resources to our teenage counterparts in Kenya. Our clarion call to all our friends, well-wishers, and corporate partners is for them to donate finances, tablets, laptop computers, and airtime bundles or sponsor a child to an online class. This will allow us to achieve our objective of facilitating digital learning and online tutoring for teenage students in Kenya.