Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Elimu Fund mean?

Elimu is Swahili for ‘education.’ Therefore, Elimu Fund means ‘Education Fund,’ indicative of our focus on education.

Why are you Teen Founded, Teen Managed, and Teen Focused?

Non-profits often overlook teens. We are here to change that. Based on a teen-for-teen guided philanthropy, we are a Teen Founded, Teen Managed, and Teen Focused non-profit with a vision to transform online learning for high school teenagers in Kenya.

Why the focus on donating laptops, smartphones, tablets, data bundles, tutoring and online learning content?

We could not believe it when we learned how little it costs to transform the online learning experience for high school teens in Kenya. More than half of Kenya high school students are unable to access remote learning, especially during the Covid pandemic. Moreover, devices such as laptops and tablets (and Internet access) are fundamental if high school teens are to succeed in life. Your support will therefore help bridge the digital divide and help Kenyan teens enhance their online learning capabilities, thereby enjoying the benefits that come with it. 

How does my donation work?

As the donor, or as we like to call you — OUR HERO – your contribution can go to work in 3 possible ways based on your preference: 
1.    You can designate your donation to specifically fund: Laptops, smartphones, tablets, data bundles, online tutoring staff, or project administration.
2.    You can designate your donation to fund the purchasing of much-needed digital learning kits for a specific number of high school teens.
3.    You can contribute to Elimu Funds ‘General Fund’ which keeps the entire operation afloat.

Can we connect and share through social media?

We all know that posting on social media is all the rage. At Elimu Fund, we can help you build a mega fan base just by sharing about your giving. It is easy to share about the latest fashion and devices, but it takes a real heart to decide to share your blessings with someone less fortunate. Share your Elimu Fund donation with the world on social media and make sure to let them know that #elimufundsteensforteens is a noble cause. Finally, don’t forget to tag us @elimufund— we’ll always try to share the love right back. We are so proud of each donor who shows us everyday the power and character of our generation. We love teens in Kenya and can’t wait to share their stories and yours as well!